Open houses are one of the most common marketing tactics used by real estate agents to show potential buyers a home. It’s usually on a weekend, and the seller’s home is open to the public so that they can see it properly.

However, do open houses sell homes? We are here to find out if they are truly worth the hassle for the seller.

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What Is an Open House?

People can check out the home at their leisure and evaluate what it would look like to live in this new property. You don’t need any specific appointments to check the home out. Interested buyers can always find open houses in the area they are looking for.

Typically, the real estate agent will set up the property, which is known as “staging.” They might get their own preferred furniture and decorations to showcase to buyers what the home could look like. Buyers will be able to explore the property and learn about their features and layouts.

Open houses can make it convenient for sellers and buyers alike to check out the property since no appointments are needed. The real estate agent may include informational flyers and refreshments and give all interested parties a chance to ask them questions about the home.

There is a reason why it has become such a common way to find buyers: real estate agents believe that it can be a casual and relaxed way to showcase the home for individuals.

Do open houses work? That’s a different question, though.

Common Issues With Open Houses During Planning

A lot of sellers might find that the open house is a huge headache. The property needs to be cleaned up properly so that it is spotless. Any personal items will need to be removed before the home is opened up to buyers and strangers. You will also need to take out an entire day for the home to be staged and then opened for buyers.

Sellers and their families have to leave while the open house is in session, so it needs to be a day when you can leave for a few hours. The timing also needs to be set according to when potential buyers are most likely to attend the open house. It can be difficult to predict when this is possible, especially considering there are so many people who will be invited.

Plus, if the home doesn’t sell quickly, it could mean several open houses. This means you will have to put your home on hold plenty of times while people survey the home.

So, do open houses sell homes? Well, you might also face these issues that might make them less worth it:

  • Finding accommodations for any pets
  • Moving out of the home for a couple of hours with the entire family
  • Cleaning the entire home to make it gleam for buyers
  • Stress and time spent for every open house
  • Extra expenses might be needed for refreshments, signs, and décor.

Who Visits Open Houses?

There are four types of people that mainly visit an open house.

1. Neighbors, Passerby, and “Lookie Loos”

A lot of people simply love checking out open houses on a leisurely Sunday, especially in America. Many love exploring nicer homes in the neighborhoods even if they have no intention of buying them. Some might be driving past the home and notice that there is an open house sign.

Such people are not really in the market to buy a new property; they might just be curious.

Often, some neighbors might also be looking to sell their own property. They might attend the open house to check out the competition.

2. Real Estate Brokers

Other real estate brokers might attend open houses on behalf of their clients. Newer real estate agents often attend open houses to learn about the market, and your home might be part of their inventory. They might not be a serious buyer, though, since they will most likely arrange a private viewing if they are.

3. Future Home Buyer

While this might sound promising, it isn’t. Do open houses sell homes? Not in this case! Many buyers who are looking to buy their first home in the future may attend open houses to get an idea of the neighborhood selling prices or are simply dreaming of a future they want. It can give them a good idea of what the market will look like if they are buying a new home. Serious buyers will probably arrange a private viewing.

4. Criminals

Yes, this is common too. Thieves, robbers, and criminals know that the best way to case a home would be during an open house in broad daylight. It gives them ample time to check the home for its layout and security.

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So, Do Open Houses Sell Homes? Nope!

The only one who benefits from an open house is the real estate agent. Usually, agents often stage the home and conduct open houses to build their business and make sellers happy.

Open houses are the best way for real estate agents to get in touch with people since their business depends on it. Any visitor could be a potential buyer for another property in the future. They are able to find future home buyers who might become their clients later.

Even if buyers are interested in the seller’s offering, the real estate agent might be able to impress them enough to find another home for them.


So, do open houses work? Not for the seller! It can be a nuisance and doesn’t even help find buyers for your home. So, next time, just skip the open house and try going digital.